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* Cream Lemon / Лимон со сливками (AIC)(1-38(+1) of 38(+1)+3sp)[cen][1984-1993 г., classics, fantasy, comedy, suspense, sci-fi, action, drama, mystery, yuri, romance, (LD-captcha) DVD5 (1-20)][jap]

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Cream Lemon / Cream Lemon / くりいむレモン
Лимон со сливками

Год производства:
1984-1993 г.
Жанр: classics, fantasy, comedy, suspense, sci-fi, action, drama, mystery, yuri, romance
Серии: 1-38(+1) of 38(+1)+3sp
Продолжительность: эпизоды по ~20-60 минут
Цензура: Есть во всех файлах
Язык: Японский Озвучка: Оригинальная Студия: AIC

Серия разных историй самых разных жанров: мыльная опера (Ami Series), юри (Escalation Series), фэнтези (Rall), комедия (Pop Chaser), фантастика и пародия (Star Trap) и ещё больше других жанров. Первая серия 'Ami, Be My Baby' (10 августа 1984) считается вторым официальным хентаем после Lolita Anime (21 февраля 1984). Легенда и целая эра хентая. Для хентайологов и хентаеведов, а также и для тех, кто просто интересуется историей хентая: a must see!
Качество видео: LD->DVD5
Аудио кодек: AC3
Видео: 720x480 (4:3) 29.97fps ~6500Kbps
Аудио 1: Japanese, 48kHz, 192 Kbps, 2 ch

обложки LD

1. Original Series (ep 1-16)

LD1 (ep 1-2)

LD2 (ep 3-4)

LD3 (ep 5-6)

LD4 (ep 7-8)

LD5 (ep 9-10)

LD6 (ep 11-12)

LD7 (ep 13-14)

LD8 (ep 15-16)

2. New Cream Lemon (ep 17-25)

LD9 (ep 17-18)

LD10 (ep 19-20)

LD11 (ep 21-22)

LD12 (ep 23-24)

LD13 (ep 25)

3. Amie Series (32-35)

LD17 (ep 32-33)

LD18 (ep 34-35)

4. Special (ep 27,30-31,38-39)

LD13 (ep 27)

LD16 (ep 30-31)

LD19 (ep 38-39)






















Дополнительно в раздаче:

Cream Lemon OST Compilation

wav + scan
Cream Lemon Ami Vocal Collection (亜美ヴォーカル全集)
Cream Lemon BGM Vol. 1 (BGM全集vol.1)
Cream Lemon BGM Vol. 2 (BGM全集vol.2)

Cream Lemon Photo CD


Cream Lemon Photo CD with booklet scans -
released by #Lamonae @ irc.rizon.net
Welcome fellow perverts!
Lamonae is -more or less- proud to present you yet another useless release to waste time and bandwith on.
The Cream Lemon Photo CD was part of the 1997 released 'Cream Lemon Best Collection LD-Box', catalog number
SHLY-508 which retailed for a whopping ¥58,000 (approx € 410, or USD 530).
AFAIK the disc was not published separate.
A warning first: The KODAK software to play Photo CD's is pretty retarded. It will only work if a Photo CD is
inserted in your first CD/DVD rom drive. Otherwise the player won't recognize the disc. If you are too lazy to
burn the image (which will work with Nero and Clone CD, and probably one million other programs) you can still
access all the pictures by mounting the image with Daemon Tools. You will just miss the main menu and slideshow
that you would get with the Kodak player software.
Also, please do not expect anything much. This stuff is something for the devoted hardcore fan.
So, if you would have bought the set, you would have also gotten this fancy Photo CD, attached on a cardboard
'holder' in a transparent slim case.
The scans were made from the booklet that also comes along with the box.
As LaserDiscs have a huge size (12 inches -30 cm- in diameter) and booklets are usually about the same size as
the jackets used for the discs, it was quite painful to scan this stuff. The booklet pages needed 4 passes each,
then you have to stick the stuff together in the best possible way, airbrush here and there, adjust the colors...
I hope I succeeded and made the quality worthwile.
I did not succeed with those two posters... so our channels' own genius Terkutok worked on them.
I like the result very much.
Also included within the box are three phone cards, and seven LD's with what is supposed to be the best episodes
(actually on disc seven you'll find the 'Graduation Album', a giant recap or best scenes collection) on them.
Some pictures of the set can be found here:-

Cream Lemon maniaX second cd-rom


Cream Lemon ManiaX Second CD-ROM with scans -
released by #Lamonae @ irc.rizon.net
Welcome fellow perverts!
Lamonae is -more or less- proud to present you yet another useless release to waste time and bandwidth on.
The Cream Lemon ManiaX Second CD-Rom was part of the August 2006 released 'Cream Lemon ManiaX Second', INFOREST
MOOK, Animated Angels MANIAX #007, ISBN number ISBN4-86190-129-4. Basically a book with bits of information
about Cream Lemon, but more concentrating on Lemon Angel Project, the older Lemon Angel episodes, the new
generation Cream Lemon and Live Action stuff on 116 pages.
It did cost only ¥1,470 and is probably sold out these days.
AFAIK the disc was not published separate.
And yes sorry it is a Nero Image file.
You can mount it with Daemon Tools, and prolly other software I don't know about.
When the CD (or image) is working properly your browser should open with a new page.
If the videos don't work by clicking in the browser, you simply start them directly from the cd.
Also, please do not expect anything much. This stuff is something for the devoted hardcore fan.
I will probably never scan the whole book as to do it properly I would need to rip it apart.
And that is something I am not interested to do.
Tho if any chick wants to volunteer to come to my house and rip the book apart while wearing a
fetish outfit and me taping it on video that might be a whole different story, lol.
There also was another book published earlier, called 'Cream Lemon Maniacs', that one included
a DVD as bonus. ISBN4-86190-070-0 if you are interested.
Без разрешения автора раздачи запрещается выкладывать на других ресурсах.
Especial Thanks for ShareEX2 users k9cjF26yXQ, J6LPB6cv1a, plattajoTRwKEbMU!
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